Alex Levesque

Audio Engineer

Alex Levesque

Alex Levesque is a 19-year-old audio engineer and photographer. Joining the School many years ago, Alex was instrumental in bringing our Open Mics to life at our many different locations. Since early 2013, he has grown his skillset in audio production and is proficient at both in-studio and live projects. 

He was a principal audio engineer for our Open Mic nights, running them for many years at many different locations. He was also a chief engineer at the School Of The Arts's "Concert On Camp Hill" in May 2016, and continues to be involved in current Open Mics as well. 

Alongside Open Mics, he has also done live-to-tape audio engineering for Art Happens shoots and in-studio commercials and projects. He is also following his passion for photography, having started his own photography company "Polar Arts Photography". His prints have been on sale for the last few months and he's thrilled to have followed photography as one of his passions as well.

He is taking on more roles within the Production School and his skills will help your audio production project come to life. 

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