Art Happens

Art Happens
Art Happens is a popular YouTube produced by Damian Spaulding and team.  And this show acts as an expose into the local happenings of arts in our area.  Starting the fall of 2015 about 50% of our shows are filmed in-studio (in barrie or collingwood) and 50% is filmed on-site at different events across central ontario.  

Art Happens is directed and managed by a team of student professionals and showcases the best the Spaulding School of Production can offer to students in our region for learning production.

Art Happens is always on the look out for new talent to join our production team and it is planned that more shows will soon be spun as soon as the crew expands to encapsulate enough talent to run other local shows.

Think of the Spaulding School of Production as what local community televeion is supposed to be.  Local producers in our area utilizing the best teaching and resources in our region in order to garner the highest levels of success.

We would love ot hear from you if you would like to join our team.  In the interrim you can look at some of our past shows:
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