Art Happens TV

Sometimes, Art Happens!

Art Happens TV

It's true - sometimes, #ArtHappens!

This is the perfect feature for any artist of any discipline. With a re-structured format based off of the increasingly popular late-night shows, it's a six to nine minute segment for anyone in the arts. Creative, engaging, and funny features can be made just for you, while also promoting your business and what you do as an artist. Put together like a "Rick Mercer" report, while showing audiences to see your studio, your business, your event - we combine that with our reach on social media which means an increased platform for you to promote your work!

Art Happens TV is a show that is produced by the Spaulding School of Production. For full details, previous episodes, crew, and more, visit

What's Included:

The team travels on-site to your location with two cameras and two microphones, and shoot for ninety minutes. With the team being able to travel to Barrie, Collingwood, Wasaga, or event the GTA upon request, this is the show for all art happenings in the area!

Check One Out:

On the right is the 2017 Season 2 Premiere of Art Happens TV with the Suubi Fusion Troupe in Toronto. For more information on the show and previous episodes, visit the Art Happens website today!

Directed by Khaleel Gandhi

Produced by Spaulding School of Production

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