Audio Video Foundations

Produce like a pro in only 6 weeks of training

Audio Video Foundations

Learn the foundations of CD Production, Studio Video Productions, Live Video Production, Live Audio and Concert Productions, Stage Management, Artist Management and more. 

Through the Spaulding School of Production Audio Video Foundations experience you will experienced a customized one on one learning curve for all of the areas mentioned above.  After which, you will be able to join our production team and gain further experience in Audio and Video production of all sorts.

The Spaulding School of Production has been providing professional services in video and audio productions for years and we are glad that you will be joining us.  Everything form Viral Videos, Music Videos, Marketing Campaigns, Documentaries, Television Featurettes and more will be done thorough our team development programs. 

The Spaulding School of Production has also developed a system where you can convert your education with us to high-school credits and we are in the midst of creating a college level education program as well.

We would be honoured to have you as part of our Audio and Video production team.  From there you can specialize in your field of greatest interest, go on to further post-secondary education, or even go right to professional productions as a result of your successful training with us. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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