Breaking Down The Process

We've created an easy, interactive, and engaging production process for you that applies to any production project you choose to embark on with us. Here's how we do it. 

Breaking Down The Process

The School of Production has created an easy, six-step production process to make things as smooth as possible during the project. We've structured it so that you have as much of a say in every step as you like - in fact, it's almost like you're doing the project, and we're just here to help you. That is our goal. 

1) The Visioning: putting together your project in terms of the big picture. The rights, royalties, payment plan, and general scope of the project is put together in this stage. 

2) Planning & Storyboarding/Consultation: Here's where the fun begins! If it's a video project, how do you see your project playing out on the big screen? If it's an audio project, what type of feel are you looking for in the audio track you're creating? What can we do to help you plan your project out, step by step? All of your ideas get to begin flowing in this part of the process. 

3) Pre-Production: From devising the shooting and recording schedule to rallying the crew, principal photography and recording on your project is about to begin. 

4) Post-Production: Filming takes place, recording is done, and once you're satisfied, we sign off on production and take our stuff to the editing bay. 

5) Editing/Mastering Stages: Some call the editing room "The Room Where It Happens" - and it's true! This is where your project really begins to come together. The School will edit your project, and then you'll get a chance to suggest revisions, edits, and changes as it pertains to the footage that was shot. 

6) Final Render/Bounce & Release: Changes are made, things are tweaked, project is prepared and ready to give the final sign-off, and the production process is complete!

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