Jingle Recordings

Creating a tune that'll stick with your consumers!


Jingles are an excellent way to market to your consumers through a creative, musical outlet. 

Everyone has heard the jingles on major radio stations for companies in the area. In fact, many of you could probably recite a jingle word-for-word. These jingles are highly effective marketing techniques for businesses - and the School of Production can help you make something like that. 

The School can help you create a jingle that'll stick with your consumers and be unforgtettable. Jingles are created through our audio mastering software and royalty free tunes. Custom vocalists can even be provided to give your jingle the right sounding melody and harmony. These jingles are perfect for the end of a viral video or commercial. 

What's Included:

Royalty free music and audio mastering software is provided to get your jingle started. Vocalists and original composition is available upon request. 

Check One Out:

On the right is the Spaulding School Of The Arts's "Be Creative" jingle. This jingle was custom designed for the SSOTA and is now a staple at the end of any video we produce. 

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