Joshua Doerksen

Audio Production Teacher

Joshua Doerksen is a producer-composer and singer-songwriter who graduated from the University of Guelph with an honours degree in classical voice and music composition. He grew up in Barrie, and it was here that he discovered his passion for music. At the age of six, Joshua was already writing songs, jingles, and producing amateur recordings by overdubbing himself on a tape deck. It wasn’t long before he was singing in a band, playing multiple instruments, and producing multi-track recordings on a computer. His debut album “Try Your Love” in 2010 was a landmark moment for Joshua, featuring him as the songwriter, performer, audio engineer, and producer of the entire work. Since then, Joshua continues to be influenced by a wide variety of musical genres in his songwriting. He has toured Canada multiple times both as a solo folk artist and as the indie rock duo “There There Indigo". He also performs world electronic music as the looping artist “City Shamans”, playing at summer music festival and cultural events. As a composer, Joshua collaborated with students of the National Ballet School of Canada in 2014 to create an improvised public performance piece entitled “Melodia”. In 2015, he composed the music for Theatre By the Bay’s Nine Mile Portage, and samples from his debut album were featured in TBTB’s As You Like It.  He recently attended "Convergence" at the Banff Centre of the Arts, a curated artist residency program that focused on combining emerging technology, digital music and visual art.   Joshua owns Sprout Wise Media, a production company in Barrie, where he composes music full time for corporate clients, and produces emerging artists and bands.  He is currently working on a new album, as well as composing an original score for "We Must Have More Men, a play about the town of Barrie during WW1.

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