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Production Lessons
The lessons through the Spaulding School of Production are conducted in a fluent and efficient manner.  Depending upon the needs of every student, we customize their learning curve to suit what they want to achieve in their lives.  If their desire be that of radio production, television production, CD production, live or any other form of production exposure, we have venues and exposure engines that will teach them everything they need to know as they go along.

Lessons can be conducted in groups or individualized sessions, and are also often performed in real world scenarios and while participating in live venues.

Each student learns like that of an apprentice and while doing so, not only gains great understanding but also great industry expertise that can be used on any resume, or used personally to achieve whatever their goals may be.

There is no better time than now to experience the difference our real-world training can provide through the Spaulding School of Production.

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Our Philosophy
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Spaulding Teachers

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