Live Video Production

Bring a new level of professionalism to your productions

Live Video Production

Live video is so much fun to create!  It is fast paced, often high-pressure but also highly rewarding!  Our trainers have run many a live television show in their time and they would be more than happy to show you the ropes in all areas of live video production:
- Lighting Techniques
- Staging Strategies
- Hosting Dynamics
- Blocking
and on.

Through the Spaulding School of Production you will learn through real-world experience how to write, run, and even produce a live television show with ease.

Now you can get the most out of Facebook your TouTube channel and every form of social and live media by leveraging our video production training programs.

Did we mention that you can now convert your after school education with us into a complete high-school credit as well?  Contact us and find out how.

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