Live Video Production Services
Get a taste of real-world live video production.

Live Video Production
Imagine going into Universal Studios,  CBS or even Rogers Television with a show idea, and have them produce a live show for you right there on the spot with you and your teams as the stars!

Well that is exactly what we are prepared to do for you.  With our new live production services, you can walk into our studio on a Monday morning and walk out 1-2 hours later with a completely edited and built show right on the spot.  
You can then take this show and publish it strait to YouTube, or put on your website, or do whenever you please.

The Spaulding  School of Production gives you the professional environment required to make a live show success of yourself.  Look out Oprah, the Sham-wow guy, or even local news television.  You are about to make an impact!

Live Production Services
Come in and leave with a master
$40 / 30 minute increment Book Today

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