Master Class: Audio Production

Taking the fundamentals and ramping it up a few more levels!

After two successful Introduction To Audio Fundamentals courses, the School of Production is taking things to the next levels in the world of audio. While producing your own content requires a knowledge of audio tracking, softwares, microphones, and different methods of capturing sound, it also requires an in-depth knowledge of mixing, mastering, and post-production techniques: exactly what this course is geared to teach you. 

This five-week master class program will teach you how to mix your tracks, master the final product, and produce content like a pro. You'll have a chance to go deeper into the world of audio with a professional recording studio lab and a professional team to guide you. 

Plus, you'll have opportunities to apply your skills to different contract projects through the School of Production's team, gain experience in entire project timelines, and immerse yourself in the world of sound. All through our Spaulding Method of teaching and our Production Process. 

By the time you are finished the five week course, you will have all the tools you need to produce content in the world. 

Sign up with us today and let's dive deeper into the world of sound. This course is now running, so join us and save your spot now! Each week is $40 for a 60 minute session. 

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