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Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple:
Teach production in ways that is applied to the real world at all times and you will not only learn a great deal but also become a leader in your industry.  It is one thing to learn information from a textbook or from theoretical principles that are not directly applied in the world. It is completely another through the Spaulding Method of learning  where you will learn right from the beginning, everything you need to know about your industry while doing it.

This strategic approach creates a level of efficiency that is unparalleled within a short period of time.

The Spaulding School of Production is constantly making new television productions, CD productions, Drama Productions and even Music Productions.  All of which you can be a direct part of as you learn your craft.

Art Happens and our Open Mic nights are just two examples of events that we run, that will give you great industry experience and expertise while you learn.  Through Art Happens, they also record radio shows that air weekly on the peak FM.  The sky is the limit through the Spaulding School of Production.

Art Happens
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Stage Production

Stage Production
Lighting, Sound, Props, Direction, and more - all incorporated into Stage Production Lessons! Read More


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