Production Boot Camp

Produce like a pro in only 6 weeks of training

Production Class

Yes it is true, we can train you to operate a television production like a professional in only 6 weeks. From there you will have a firm foundation and the sky will be the limit!

Day 1 [Introduction]:
The best way to learn how to shoot is with a team. We combine you with other members in the community ready to learn how to produce their own show. YouTube, business or whatever direction you would like.

You then work together as a team to come up with an idea, audience and publishing platform for your start up student project. During this first training day you will also learn about content and concepts that makes a product “watchable” and successful in the broadcast industry.

Day 2 [The Tech]:
Learn how to use equipment to make your product a reality. From sound to video cameras and lights. This day includes theory like white balance and successful framing and so on.

Day 3 [Practice what you know]:
Here is where you put in practice all that you have learned and begin to use editing software and all production hardware to begin to make a show a success

Day 5 [Produce]:

Finally the day of production is here! Complete dress rehearsal plus true recording

Day 6 [Edit Day]:
Make your new show a reality and see your final end product as a team.

Wow that is it! 6 intense weeks of training (2 hours a day) and you will have graduated boot camp. From there you can move on to level 2 in training where you dig into private or group classes for specific skill sets like:
Field Shooting
Graphic Branding and Animation
How to reach for the sky as a producer!

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Video Production

Video Production
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