Jayson Roberts

Audio Engineer

Jayson Roberts

Jayson Roberts is a 17-year-old sound engineering apprentice with the Spaulding School of Production. He is also acting as the Assistant Director for the School and lending his skills towards the administrative side of the business that continues to grow. He has had a passion and desire to be involved in production through most of his life, and is thrilled to have found the Spaulding School of Production to help him do so.

Jayson began his time with the School through the audio production lesson programs. Since then, he has developed strong skills through music production, jingle production, recording production, and much more. His wide skillset has allowed him to operate live Open Mics as well as on-the-field sound for video productions. He's worked on Art Happens shoots, recording studio projects, and even viral video projects. 

Jayson is a strong asset on the Spaulding Crew and can help make your production sound great. He's looking forward to leveraging his skills to help the School of Production grow. 

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