Khaleel Gandhi

Production Director 

Khaleel Gandhi

Khaleel Gandhi is a 18-year-old high school student who has graduated as an honour roll student from Collingwood Collegiate Institute. He is an avid youth filmmaker and theatre geek. He is currently taking a gap year before heading to post-secondary studies at McMaster University.

Currently doubling as the Executive Director of the Spaulding School of Production, Khaleel's niche is video production. He has had experience in all aspects of filmmaking, including scriptwriting, producing, directing, filming, and editing. His love for film thrives through his work, and always puts 100% effort into the content he creates, both for the School and through other contract work. 

Khaleel's experience acting as the General Director for Art Happens TV and directing stage productions, amateur films and contract projects is invaluable to the Spaulding Crew. He looks forward to coaching and directing more team members as well as helping you make the most out of your video production project with us. 

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