Regular Music Videos

Telling your song's story in a unique and fun way.

Madison Mueller Who Am I

The music video is the most traditional method of showcasing the theme or central message of your song. What's great about music videos is that, unlike studio music videos, each one is unique in style and format based on the song. The Production team can help make a music video that looks like it belongs on YouTube while also customizing it so we can get your story right.

The entire story, theme, and message is turn-keyed for your success. 

What's Included:

Two hours of planning, full recording for vocals + one instrument and a turn-keyed video production process is provided as a based. Additional lengths, stories, and instrument recordings can also be added to create the right, customized feel for your project. 

Check One Out:

On the right is "Who Am I" Official Music Video - a regular music video that was done for singer/songwriter Madison Mueller of Barrie, Ontario. Madison was recently #1 across Canada in the Singer/Songwriter category on ReverbNation, and the School of Production produced her video which has now been seen 20,000 worldwide. 

Song by Madison Mueller

Directed by Khaleel Gandhi

Produced by Spaulding School Of Production

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