Sebastian Vasoff

Lighting Design & Still Photography

Sebastian Vasoff

Sebastian Vasoff is a professional photographer based in Barrie, Ontario. Aside from taking professional photographs, he spends his time listening to music, educating himself on world and local issues and practising Taosit Tia Chi. He is an honours student studying photography at Georgain College. 

Sebastian joined the Spaulding Crew last year. He is the artist behind all our monthly Open Mic photographs - which can be found on our Facebook page - as well as other photograph projects for the School. His skills in photography and still art design also allow him to be proficient in lighting design, and has created lighting designs for different projects - most noteably, the lighting behind Madison Mueller's music video "Who Am I", now being seen by over 17,000 people worldwide. 

He has worked with musicians from all over Ontario, as well as studio managers, national and international slam poets, DJs and dancers. His prints have been displayed all throughout Barrie and in Summer 2016 he won a photography prize upwards of $1,000. He's lucky to have made a profession about what he truly loves. 

His skillset makes him invaluable to the Production Crew. He also owns and operates his own still photography company, Sebastian Vasoff Photography. 

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