Shoot Your Own Video
Shoot your own production using our professional gear

Shoot your own video
Everyone already knows about our highly professional "Art Happens" YouTube television series. 
Now Starting September of 2015, any individual in our community can leverage our professional video production equipment to make their own personal videos for YouTube or whatever means they like.  Yes this means you!

The Spaulding School of Production and spent tens of thousands of dollars in order to give you the ability to make your own professional videos and a fraction of the cost without even having to spend a penny on your own hardware.

Better yet, not only can we give you access to the hardware required in order to make a professional video series, we can also lead by example and show you you how to get the best result for your video by allowing us to professionally direct your video production experience.

With pricing models that are affordable for just about any budget, now is your time to make professional video and show your creativity to the world:

Recorded production opportunities
You Drive
Use our gear and leave with with your raw files
$15  / 30 minute session

We Drive
Have us help you with your shoot
$25 / 30 minute session

Assisted Editing
Have us edit your shoot with or for you
$10 / 30 minute commitment

Onsite - You Drive
Have us shoot on-site at your location:
$1 / kilometer traveled
$15 / 30 minute interval including setup and tear down

Onsite - We Drive
Have us shoot onsite and facilitate with your shooting process
$1 / kilometer traveled
$25 / 30 minute interval including setup and tear down

Show Creation
Have us wrap your video with your own branding
Based upon consulting

Live Production Opportunities
We Drive Live
Come in and leave with a master
$40 / 30 minute increment Book Today

You Drive - Onsite Video Production

You drive onsite video production
Take our professional equipment anywhere to shoot your professional presentation. Read More

We Drive - Video Production

We drive video production services
Let us shoot your professional presentation everywhere lit and not lit by the sun. Read More

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