Stage Production

Direct anything from a major play to a movie series through the Spaulding School of Production

The Spaulding school of production has teamed with leading directors of plays and production crews in our area. Through their expertise you'll gain real-world experience in managing major play productions to running television shows with our team of production engineers and stage talents.

Spaulding School of Production also teams with the Spaulding School of Literature to instruct you in teh areas of a playwriting and scriptwriting you desire. Needless to say anything can be done to the Spaulding collaborative services.

Some areas covered in our program:
- Blocking
- Casting
- Lighting Design
- Audio Treatments
- Production Team Management
- General Production Management
- Directing Skills

This list can go on for an eternity but needless to say, our highly experienced production trainers are here to serve you

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