Studio Audio Production

The finesse, the precession, the shear enjoyment

Recording Studio Training

Studio audio production is a very difference experience from live audio production. In a studio an engineer can 100% control the environment.  Right down to the light fixture over their head.  An engineer can also spend hours mixings and mastering a mere 10 seconds in a mix (if they so choose) in order to get that “perfect” sound.

In the last decade or two, the studio recording environment has changed greatly.  It is now affordable for almost anyone to have a basic recording studio in their house.  The quality of home recordings also get better and better every year.

With the Spaulding School of Production we ill teach you how to get the most out of your home recording studio, or you can teach you in our in-house recording studio and give you experience running CD recordings and studio video productions.  We are constantly expanding our teams and now you can even leverage your education with us to obtain a full high-school credit.

Contact us right away and we will walk you how you can start your journey to great success through the Spaulding School of Production.

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Live Audio Production

Live Audio

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Studio Video Production

Studio Video Production

Bring your professional video productions to a whole new level

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