Much of the professional training our students go through, occurs on the professional Art Happens YouTube show that is shot in our region. Here is what many of our guests have to say about our performance as a crew.  We look forward to having you join us. Keith Tribe:
It is my pleasure to have this opportunity to comment on my experience with the Art Happens
Production Team during our filming last month.  The entire Art Happens group was outstanding to work with, creating a relaxed and informal setting. It was clear professionalism surrounded the production.  The camera crews were diligent in getting everything positioned and ready prior to the filming ensuring all went smooth and on time.  The pre meeting was quick and on point as to what was expected.  They took the time and care in preparing my product to  display and film which was appreciated. The coordination between the Khaleel and the crew was seamless and everyone knew exactly what was needed to be done leaving me feeling at ease and comfortable in talking and presenting my artisan product.  Overall it was a wonderful balance and experience.  I wish the Art Happening team all the best going forward, thank you!

Rustic Works

Dianna Chycki:
Both Laura LaChapelle and I were guests on Art Happens TV to discuss our 4th Annual Wasaga Beach Short Film Festival Red Carpet Gala Awards. It's always a pleasure being interviewed by Damian Spaulding. He's a great host and we shared many laughs during the show. I thought the production was very professional along with a strong team that works well together.
Wishing you continued success!

Lyric Dube:
The team at art happens are a friendly efficient group of professionals that are eager to help emerging artists. They are always on top of their social media and are extremely easy to get a hold of. It’s a fun creative experience that I would recommend for anyone!

Gaia Orion:
I find Art Happens team both really professional and super friendly. They have a big vision for expanding the art into our community. Being an artist, I can only be grateful for having such a group close by!

We look forward to you joining our team on Art Happens.

We will also be adding testimonials from some of our many production training seminars featuring industry professionals in our area.

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