Studio Music Video

Showcase your talent in a small, intimate studio setting. 

Studio Music Videos are the perfect way for first-time musicians to get exposure online. Professionally shot and recorded at either the Collingwood or Barrie locations, they're simple, yet elegant in design, and come without the added layers and extra time commitments of a regular music videos. It's the perfect way for any up-and-coming musicians and bands to be promoted through a professionally shot video with quality audio. 

What's Included:

The base price of one camera & professional recording for vocals + 1 instrument is provided to start. Different packages with different video and audio components are available to create a custom experience for your video shoot. 

Check One Out:

On the right is "At Last" - a Studio Music Video shoot of Emily Effler performing the song with Damian Spaulding. Emily is ten years old and a Spaulding Student in the Collingwood studio and the School of Production produced three videos that have reached 30,000 people on Facebook combined and been seen over 13,000 times. 

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Directed by Khaleel Gandhi

Produced by Spaulding School of Production

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