Tiffany Scott

Video Production Crew

Tiffany Scott

Tiffany is a 21 year old videographer from Barrie. She has been studying and working with video for 5 years, and alongside the Spaulding Crew works part-time at a local production company called "Five Points". Tiffany hopes to attend Humber College for Broadcasting and Film in the near future.

Tiffany has been a part of different local productions over her five years of experience. First beginning with her high school announcements program, Viking TV, she quickly developed a love of video production. From hosting ENGs to running cameras and directing the show, her skillset has allowed her to take on new projects, such as documentaries, viral videos, and on-site shoots.

Tiffany joined the Spaulding Crew in April 2017 and has already been working to develop new commercials and Art Happens shoots. She is is excited to be on board the Spaulding Crew and is looking forward to helping individuals realize their vision for a video production project. 

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