Viral Videos

Short, engaging and topic-specific videos to help you stand out. 

Viral videos are slightly different than your typical commercials you'll see on YouTube and Facebook. Viral videos are shorter and more engaging through person-to-audience connection. You'll often see someone addressing the camera directly, promoting an event, product, or service. This connection that you make with your target audience is essential when promoting your company or business - it's that personal connection that gets you the results you desire. 

What's also effective about viral videos is that they can be flexible - they do not have to be generic like some commercials you see. Viral videos can help you promote individual aspects of your business that a typical commercial may not be able to do. Everything you see on social media is now videos - and viral videos are the way to start getting you noticed. 

What's Included:

The School of Production has different packages of viral videos depending on your project needs and desires. Whether you want a simple, fade-up fade-out, no lighting viral or the full package of graphics, lighting, and transitions, we can provide it to you. Planning, shooting, editing and royalty music are included as well.

Check One Out:

On the right is an example of a full-package viral video with graphics, special lighting, and intro/outro bumpers that the School of Production completed to promote an audio production course. Note: the jingle at the end is NOT included in the standard viral video package but can be added on in our "May We Suggest" area. 

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