We Drive - Video Production
Experience the royal treatment in video production.

We drive video production services
We know how frustrating it can be to shoot your own video.  
1) Getting the lighting "just right"
2) Choosing the right to camera angles and audio techniques
3) Managing blocking and stage design and on

That is why we are here to help.
Through the We Drive  production program, the Spaulding production team provides the direct expertise you need to make a world class video experience for your viewership.  
The possibilities are limitless:
- Shoot your own YouTube vlog,
- Promote a personal product or item for sale
- Record a family gathering or have an elderly family member tell a story for posterity
- Record a music video for private or public viewing
Anything can be done with the Spaulding Production team.

Through this unique and highly affordable service, our teems lead your video production at an absolute fraction of what it should cost when compared to any other traditional production service.  Starting in only $25 / 30 minute session you receive equipment and production crew worth easily four times that price.

Take the pressure off of your production experience and let us drive.  We will provide all of the hardware and expertise needed to make a world class production for you.
We know that every product is unique to contact us today so that we can answer the specific questions you may have.

You drive:
Have us help you with your shoot
$25 / 30 minute session
+ $4 / 30 minute session for additional cameras per shoot (up to 3 extra cameras). Book Today

We Drive - Onsite Video Production

We drive onsite video production
Experience the ultimate in affordable onsite video production.   Read More

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