You Drive - Video Production
Shoot your own video with 100% professional equipment at a fraction of the cost.

You drive your own video production
Tired of recording your own YouTube video through your cell phone or camera placed on your dresser?  
At the Spaulding School Production we can provide you with professional grade video production hardware and expertise at a fraction of what it would cost anywhere else.  

How it works:
At the Spaulding School of Production in Barrie, we've spent tens of thousands of dollars to bring to you a professional quality video production experience.  You bring the set design and we will provide everything else:
- Professional Sound
- Professional Light
- Professional Videography

At only $15 / 30 minue time interval, recording your new and improved (highly professional) video experience is more affordable and easier than ever.  We have spent the thousands of dollars so that you do not have to.

Through the "You Drive" experience, we provide the hardware and only basic training so that you can run the cameras and manage to shoot yourself and with your team.
If you would like to experience a more dynamic video production experience where our professionals can lead your shoot, please read up on our "We Drive" experience.
Let's get you started shooting in our professional video production studio. You will never look back!

You Drive
Use our gear and leave with your raw files
$15  / 30 minute session
+ $3 / 30 minute session for additional cameras per shoot (up to 3 extra cameras).
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You Drive - Onsite Video Production

You drive onsite video production
Take our professional equipment anywhere to shoot your professional presentation. Read More

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