Let's together work to inspire the leaders and the artists of our future

There is no shortage of talent at the elementary school level in our area and these budding artists will soon become the wave of our future given that we nurture their early development in the arts.

The Spaulding School of Production is poised to play a major role in your child's and school's development.

Our Professional video production crew is ready to travel to your school and record your talent presentations. While there we will teach members of the student populace in how to run the gear and successfully command their own television production experience.
Much like our High School production program, the end result will be an outstanding video that you as faculty or family can share on YouTube or through whatever means you deem appropriate. Through this process your student(s) will be inspired by what they can accomplish with our teams.

We look forward to attending your school production and helping to inspire the talents of our future. Please contact us for more information.


Making world history right now!

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