Bring professional production to your high school

Does your high school run regular talent shows or assemblies?  
Would you like your highschool's talent to be showcaed to the world through a professional quality video capture rather than the all-too-typical hand-held phone experience?

You will never guess what we are about to say...
The Spaulding School of Production has now introduced a new service where our professional production team can come to your school free of charge!  And professionally record your talent show using our 100% professional quality equipment.

Better yet, we will come and train your production team to drive our gear and auditory a world class professional concert style experience for your public.  
Once the sooting is complete we don't stop there.  Right after the shoot, in the evening hours we will invite your school's production talent directly into our studio space in order to train them how to drive our industry standard postproduction technologies:
Protools Audio gear and Waves Plugin Bundles
Avid Media Composer
Once done not only will your school presentation posses a world-class professional production, but your team will have direct profession industry experience in how the "big boys" the CBC and Bell Media do it.

This service is free of charge to local highschools and it is our hope that we will inspire your teams to embark with on on every growing journeys with the Spaulding School of Production.

Please contact us to find out more.


Making world history right now!

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